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Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not answered below, fill out the Contact Us form at the bottom and our friendly care staff will respond!

Can I choose the adoptive parents for my child?

Yes, we work with you to see what your preferences are in a family.  We help you with a personalized plan. You can choose the type of family you want. You can choose to talk to the prospective family before you decide. We will help and support you each step of the process.

Do I have to pay to have someone adopt my child?

Adoption is NO COST to you. You do not have to pay any legal costs.  We can help you get medical coverage if needed.  We will assess your current situation and may be able to assist with needs you have.

Can I know where my child will be after the adoption?

There are adoptive families that are open to sharing their information with you so you can be at peace knowing where your child will grow up.

Can I choose to do an open or closed adoption?

Yes, you always have the choice.  If you choose to do a closed adoption, that is more private with no future contact with the adopting parents.  If you choose to have a more open adoption, you are more involved in choosing the parents, and can have direct and more future contact with them.  We will work with you to see what is best option you feel most comfortable with.

Can I keep the adoption confidential from family and friends?

We will respect your privacy. We understand each situation is different, and we will always protect your interests in the privacy and protection of you and your child.

What if I do not know who the father is? Can I still do adoption?

If you do not know the identity of the birth/biological father, we can still help you with an adoption plan.

How do I know if the adopting parents are who they say they are?  What if they would try to hurt my child?

The adoptive parents that we work with all must have a Home Study process/investigation they go through to get approval to adopt.  This includes such things as local and national background checks, home visits, verification of jobs and income, verification of medical health and mental health wellness, references of people who have watched them interact with children, background information, education on parenting and adoption, religious background/beliefs and multiple interviews with the agency worker doing the Home Study.  This is an extensive process that is thorough and gives a good picture into the type of people and type of life the adopting parents live. We also encourage you to meet the family so you can get a good feel for who they are in person.

Will the adopting parents tell my child they are adopted? I do not want my child to hate me or resent me.

We always encourage our adopting parents to be honest and up front with their children through adoption. We believe adoption should be told from the beginning and always be a part of their child’s “story”.  We can guide families for the most age appropriate time to have those conversations.  We have found that with some openness in the relationship with you and the adopting family, your child can know your decision was made out of love and a choice to do what was best for them in the current situation you are in. You may even have the option to tell the child that someday yourself.

What if I have an open case with the state DSS/CPS or with other children I have?  Will the state take this child too?

If your rights have not been terminated already, you still have a choice for private adoption.  Just because the state may have your other children in foster care, does not mean they can automatically take the baby you are pregnant with if you choose private adoption instead.  You can make a private adoption plan that we can help with. Foster care does not give you a choice where your child goes or always let you have communication with the foster family or child.  In adoption, you can have answers and typically communication that helps for you to know you had a choice in the family that will have your child.  There are some moms that have even made a private adoption plan for their other children that were in foster care. We can talk with you about your case and go from there. We can help with an adoption plan no matter how old the child.

If I choose adoption for my child, what do I do now?

Your next step would be to contact us.  You can call or text us at 864-641-8142. You can also fill out the information form and submit it and someone will contact you to talk with you about how to proceed. We will answer any other questions you have and be there with you every step of the way.

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