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Anxious? Find Peace in Nature.

Are you in a season of life that has you bogged down with worry and fear? Look no further than the world right outside your door to find some peace.

Think about the wildlife, they don't worry about where their next meal will come from or where they will sleep at night, they trust the world's natural provisions.  Think about the sun and moon, they don't worry about what will happen next, they simply go with the flow of the world's natural turn and appear in day and at night to give us light.  And just like the 4 seasons each bring with it its own blessing and curse they each serve a purpose.  While spring brings forth new life with flowers and blooms, the fall soon comes to bring the shedding of old things.  The winter brings a season of rest and dormant for most of nature, yet summer brings out the warmth and long enjoyable days. So, no matter what season you're in currently in life, never lose hope as it serves a purpose! Even though it may not make sense now, one day you will be able to see and recognize the lessons it rendered and  teach you and the value for life itself after going through a difficult time. Know that the dark nights never last forever and the sun will come up again tomorrow; each day brings with it a new hope and new blessings. Don't forget to be conscious of the world around you and enjoy the small blessings each new season brings. So, in your moments of overwhelming anxiety, go take a walk in nature and be reminded that it will all be ok and your struggles are not in vain. This current struggle or tragedy is just one small piece of the puzzle that is creating the greater more beautiful whole picture of you!

Please let us know how we can be a source of support for you in this season of your life.



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