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Grace - Not Just for Others but Yourself!

Grace - Not Just for Others but Yourself!

I love the 1913 version of Webster's dictionary's definition of grace:

"The exercise of love, kindness, mercy, favor".

Are you one of those people that feel like a human door mat? You give so such much grace to others through repeat forgiveness, patience, and second chances that you feel like people abuse your kindness and walk all over you? Maybe you even serve in a humanitarian role as a profession helping others: nurse, CNA, teacher, social worker, etc. (many more careers, too many to name).

Listen friend, some of us who show the most grace to others find it difficult to show grace to ourselves. That's right, YOU deserve to be gracious and kind to yourself too! So, the next time you get down on yourself because of current or past disappointments, failures, struggles, or start having an overwhelming occurrence of negative self-talk, BE GRACIOUS TO YOURSELF! Go back to that definition mentioned in the beginning and: be kind to yourself (allow yourself to enjoy life, look for the little blessings that come out of trials and hardships); love yourself (Unconditionally! No matter what your current situation, you've never done something too bad that will make you undeserving of love); Show yourself some mercy. (Trust me, we all punish ourselves harder than anyone else ever would. Take a step back and think about what you would tell someone else in your situation, now tell that to yourself. Be as merciful to yourself as you would another person in the same situation); Favor yourself (in short, like yourself! This one trial/challenge doesn't have to define you. It's just one aspect of your life. If you struggle with this one, write down a list of all the good qualities you have that makes you the wonderful person you are and then read them to yourself as much as needed.) You are more than what you're currently battling.

This challenge can actually be turned into something beautiful. Perspective about ourselves and choices we make can turn something meant to paralyze us into pushing us to step up to be strong and courageous!

In all this we want to come along side you and show you unfailing grace and love. We are here for you. We will listen. Please let us know how we can help!



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