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Have Faith

I’ve been thinking about my own life, and the times that I made the most unfortunate decisions. What led me down those paths?

In reflecting back, the main similarity was always loneliness, and chasing something that would make me feel better. As woman we are created with a need to be wanted, pursued, and needed. Each moment I was driven with an emptiness rooted from not feeling those things. I didn’t recognize, that I was making decisions based on emotion and fear, that ultimately would cause a deeper problem. It’s an emotional spiral that leads to depression, hopelessness, and many more unfortunate decisions. During those times in my life I couldn’t figure out how I could get out of my own mess, and out of my own way. It’s incredibly important to understand that you are not alone!

Throughout the last week, I’ve continued seeing posts on social media... What three words would you say to your 18 year old self?

My first answer was easy, love (your) FAITH more. I think that statement relates to each person differently, but applies to all. The definition of the word faith is:

Complete trust or confidence in someone or something.

If I would have loved my faith more, I would have realized I wasn’t alone. I would have recognized my value. That simple recognition would have likely saved me from a multitude of unfortunate choices, heart ache, and eventual depression. That simple truth, love (your) faith more... will lead to a complete trust or confidence in someone or something. You might find an understanding that you are not alone. Maybe you’ll find that you are loving yourself more, which would also lead to a realization that NOTHING is impossible!

You are worthy of being pursued. You are worthy of being wanted. And you are needed. If there’s anything or anyone in your life who doesn’t help you to feel this way, then have FAITH that there’s something better out there. And remember...

You are not alone!

Weigh in... what would you say to other woman if they are walking in your shoes? What would you say to your younger self? Maybe we can help each other.



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