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Hope For The Hopeless

I truly believe the key to happiness is hope. Each individual's source of hope varies depending on their own dreams and aspirations. Your hope may come from pursuing that dream job, traveling the world, getting an education, breaking the cycle of poverty in your family, or finding your soulmate. If you're currently facing a pregnancy that seems to bring about a sense of hopelessness because it appears that this child will interrupt your pursuit of your dreams, there is still hope! Please realize this: that unborn child you're carrying is instilled with it's own set of hopes and dreams that will never be fulfilled if you terminate the pregnancy through abortion; not only that but many individual's and couple's only hope and dream is to have a child, and by making an adoption plan you can be the source of fulfilling their dreams while also having the opportunity to still fulfill your own hopes and dreams. Don't get me wrong, there is no easy answer with an unexpected pregnancy. Let me be very clear, each choice - parenting, abortion, or adoption - comes with it's own set of struggles and emotional difficulties. Just know you have options that will allow you to regain hope for yourself while also giving the hope of life to a child and also giving hope to someone who so desperately wants to become a parent. We are here to help you walk through your options and support you along the way and empower you to make the best decision for you and your unborn child. There is truly hope for the hopeless, dreams still come true. 



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