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Thank You, New Mom and Dad!

(From a birth mom who was on an online support group!)

Thank you, new mom and dad... For sharing your lives with that of my child. Thank you, new mom and dad... for being there to step in and begin when I wasn't ready to. Thank you, new mom and dad... For being brave enough to take on this new challenge. Thank you, new mom and dad... For making my child your very own. Thank you, new mom and dad... For understanding that blood doesn't make a family. Thank you, new mom and dad... For understanding that I simply want the very best. Thank you, new mom and dad... For simply being yourselves and being honest with me. Thank you, new mom and dad... Because you are just as special as me! Many times people are just thanking the birthparents...which of course is super important!! But this expectant/birth mom recognizes the adopting parents. They are important you know... The adoptive parents should be thanked as well... To begin with... let's face it. You put your lives down on paper in hopes that a birth mom will choose you. You bare your heart and soul to someone you've never met, sharing with them your deepest secrets and dreams for the future. No matter what the reason is for you choosing to adopt... you share that with us with an open heart. You are very humble about it... and we RESPECT you even more so for that. You tell us of your biggest dream... the chance to be parents and raise a daughter who is outgoing and sweet to one day leave home and become a mother herself or a son who plays soccer with dad and goes off to become a dentist.

You open your arms and hearts to a child not of your flesh, not of your blood... but by God... you would never know it. That child grows within your heart as surely as he/she grows within their birth mother’s tummy. You both love that child from the VERY instant you find out about them, and be honest :) you are both sacrificing something in the end. You are given a child from a stranger, and you raise that child with morals and values... You raise him/her up to be a good person, one who is kind to others... one whom you love with all your heart and one you will gladly lay your life on the line for... It matters NOT that you didn't give birth to your child... That's ok... because you get the sleepless nights, upset tummies, etc... (and that is pain also!!!) So here's a thank you to all of you from the birth moms at a nationwide online support center... Thank you for being you just as you thank us for being us! The birth moms aren't the only brave and courageous ones here... So are YOU!



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