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A Love Letter

Love is defined as an intense feeling or deep affection for someone. This is what all great poetry, love songs and fairytales are made of. We love, love and never imagine that it will call for a sacrifice however my greatest love did. Placing my son I thought would be easy. I prepared myself in everyway possible during my pregnancy. I didn't let myself become emotionally attached because I stuck to my 'why'. My 'why' included I wanted him to have a different story a different perspective a two parent home. He deserved this. Everything was going as planned until my last doctor appointment, I wasn't due for another two weeks, nevertheless the doctor wanted to induce my labor and my heart immediately sank. I was panicking because I still had two weeks, and I wasn't ready quite yet, but the doctor was adamant. I was admitted and informed that the next day I would be induced. While waiting for him, it hit me..... I really really loved him. Once he arrived my love was tested to heights I had never known. All the days and nights we spent together were now tangible and real. He is my love. The one great love at first sight many people dream of, but I had a 'why', but I also knew this was a love story the kind Hollywood produces. Then, it sunk in again, my 'why'. Placing my son gave me a dual perspective on what love really means. I could have kept him and in hindsight everything is well, but not knowing that I remembered my 'why' and the lessons it taught me. Love is not just a feeling but it's also action. I placed my greatest love with a family who everyday shows him he's their greatest love. ️️️

~Heart of a precious birth mom!



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