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Advanced/Accurate Perception Takes Time

Ever heard the phrase hindsight is 2020?  In essence it means if only you knew then what you know now. When you were in the middle of a crisis or a hard time and then as things play out you got a better perspective of the full picture and the way things will all settled down. Basically it's just like reading a thriller book or watching an addictive TV series, if you could skip to the end and get a clear picture of everything that was going to happen along the way and how it all works out for the best in the end; then those intense moments of drama and tragedy along the way wouldn't have seemed so scary or sad. 

I was reminded of this concept last week while walking my dog - a tiny 5 pound adult chihuahua. I passed a woman with a very young little boy, who yelled out, "look at that little puppy ". This young child obviously had not had enough life experience to know that not all small dogs are puppies, there are many adult breeds of dogs that stay small their entire lives. Such a simple example but how true that it is in every day life. 

Sometimes we face things, like an unexpected pregnancy for example, that might seem tragic or even devastating. Yet if only we had the ability to see a year, 5 years, or 10 years in the future we might be comforted to see a beautiful child given the best life and an answer to prayers to some parent dreaming of a child. How you ask? Let me suggest this can be a possible result for you in an unexpected pregnancy by making an adoption plan for your unborn child. If you want to know more about this or if you just need a friend or mentor to walk through this season with you, that's what we are here for. Please don't get me wrong, we are not here to push you into an adoption plan; whatever plan you make about this pregnancy we just want to come along with you so that years down the road you can feel confident and happy about the choice you made in this time of uncertainty and fear. We can't predict the future but want to share some perspective or hindsight with you from the experiences we've had walking others through this journey. Let us know how we can help, we're here for YOU!

~Jeanna Smith



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